Greetings, friends

I’m a writer, editor and a DIY-er. But what does this mean to you? This means I can write stuff for you that teaches people how to do things. Yes. I said stuff and things. And I will edit stuff and things. But I will use better words than “stuff” or “things.” See, I’m saving them up for you.

I am also a passionate storyteller of the stories that don’t get told. Contact me for clips about women into heavy metal or women who hunt.

I’ve contributed to Bust for years, and worked hard on their 2011 book, the Bust DIY Guide to Life. See the fancy widget below? Proof!

But here are the deets. The real info you are looking for. The qualifications you seek.

  • I’m a professional writer and editor with more than 12 years of experience in a spectrum of styles: newsletters and employee communications, grantwriting and award proposals, television and radio scripts, marketing copy, outdoor adverts and magazine and newspaper features.

Publications & Mentions

Contributing writer to Persephone Magazine (

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